Frequently Asked Questions

While traveling, how do I maintain my diet program?

Research in advance what your food options will be. Portion control is important, so only eat half your plate if you’re forced to order foods that are not on the program. Many restaurants display calorie counts so review your options online before going out to eat. Remember, 50% of your plate should be vegetables, 25% protein.

When I reach my target weight, can I reward myself with any food or beverage I want?

This depends on how disciplined you are. If you can enjoy two bites of your favorite food without eating the entire portion, then enjoy it occasionally. However, if you can’t control your intake and you eat the entire portion, it is not recommended to do this while you’re on the program.

I understand dieting, but what is the purpose of keeping a “gratitude journal”?

Writing can act as a way of documenting what you’ve done, can help you memorize information, and helps you see what you need to do to reach your goals. Keeping a journal serves as a building block for developing positive habits that can serve you in every phase of your life – work, family, health and overall happiness. Encore's Gratitude Journal.

I have very little free time. How can I maintain a diet with my schedule?

Meal planning is key! Prepare your meals in advance to save time and have healthy options at your fingertips. Visit our Online Health & Wellness Resources and view “Tips to Prioritize Healthy Eating, Even When You Are Busy” for more suggestions.

How is Encore different from every other weight loss program on the market?

We strive to help members develop new lifestyle choices and habits that will improve their health. We teach our members how to live independently without the use of a weight loss plan. Encore uses a medical management model delivered by health professionals who are trained in weight management.

How much weight should I expect to lose in 4 weeks?

Encore members typically lose between 10-20 lbs. when they follow their customized meal plan, establish healthy rituals and participate in some form of fitness. On average, you can expect to lose 1/2 - 1 lb. per day.

What if I lose weight for a period of time, then I stop losing?

If you plateau, your Encore Counselor has a special 48-hour meal plan designed to help you continue to see results.

Is it easy to gain the weight back?

You will gain weight if you go back to your old eating habits. During the program, you’ll learn ways to select healthy foods and manage portion control. A cornerstone of the Encore program is establishing new dietary and exercise rituals for healthy lifestyle changes. We educate patients so they can manage their weight independently, however Encore’s Maintenance program is available for those who need to jump start their weight loss.

What are the different products that Encore uses for weight loss?

There are many different diets on the market today, some based on consuming low amount of carbohydrates, low fat or low protein intake. Regardless of the diet, scientific evidence states that the path to weight loss begins with restricting caloric intake and increasing physical activity. Encore uses a variety of different therapies to jump start your weight loss.

I have very little time to cook at home. What solutions do you have for people like me who prefer to dine out?

When dining out, it’s easy to eat larger portions that contain more calories than you should consume. Encore provides each patient with a Workbook and Tips that provide ideas for low-calorie choices and ways to determine portion control so dining out can be a pleasant experience.

Fact: Our body produces hormones that fight against us losing weight.

Encore Member Benefits

When you purchase an Encore program, you automatically receive:

  • Live Video Coaching Sessions
  • Wellness & Weight Loss Tracking Apps
  • Health & Wellness Resources

I am with the Encore Wellness & Weight Loss Program! I’ve lost nearly 30 pounds, and, more importantly, I feel and look great! Committing to the Encore program was the best decision I’ve made for my health, appearance, confidence, and even spiritual well-being. 

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