Referred by a Patient?

Encore offers an important opportunity to expand and enhance your current clinical practice.

Our mission at Encore Weight Loss is to provide physicians with solutions to help a patient achieve their weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals. Physicians understand that in many cases multifaceted medical issues are key obstacles facing a patient, not merely a lack of willpower. Together, we work with physicians to create a personalized plan for each patient and support that patient with our team of Board-Certified professionals. 

In some cases, when a more aggressive approach to achieving weight loss goals is needed, Encore’s program requires the administration of medication under the supervision of a physician at a medical office. If your patient has referred you here, he or she has taken the first steps to taking charge of achieving their personal weight loss and lifestyle goals. 

Request more information to begin assisting your patient’s journey to a healthier life and fight the battle to achieve a healthy weight. 

Fact: Our body produces hormones that fight against us losing weight.

Encore Membership Benefits

When you purchase an Encore program, you automatically become an Encore Member. Once you complete your customized program, your Encore membership continues and you have access to:

  • Two Video Coaching sessions each month
  • Wellness and Weight Loss Tracking Apps
  • Health & Wellness Resources

I was a Weight Watchers drop out twice, and I even tried Jenny Craig, but I never was able to experience inner peace and outer weight loss success until I tried the Encore Weight loss program. I experienced both inner determination with the guidance and support from the program, as well as a sustained weight loss program that I have found easy to follow.