Video Conferencing

Thanks to Video Conferencing technology, Encore’s medically-supervised team can help anyone in the continental United States achieve their weight loss goals and adopt a life-long healthy lifestyle. Our team of expert nutritionists, personal trainers and Board-certified professionals are on demand using our state of the art and secure tele-medicine portal. 

  • Our online plan members enjoy:
  • One-on-one personal sessions
  • Scheduling flexibility for busy professionals
  • Live, interactive online consultation and training
  • Develop strong face to face relationships, making it easier to support you through the challenges of achieving your results. 
  • On demand access to experts

Video Conferencing eliminates travel and offers professional and compassionate sessions from the comfort of your own home. 

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Fact: Obesity is a national health crisis that can be solved.

Encore Member Benefits

When you purchase an Encore program, you automatically receive:

  • Live Video Coaching Sessions
  • Wellness & Weight Loss Tracking Apps
  • Health & Wellness Resources

WOW IT REALLY WORKS!!! First I must say that I’ve tried every diet known to man, but the meal plan designed for me by Encore is by far the BEST! It seemed to target all the places I wanted to lose…my stomach, thighs and hips. I used to be terrified to get on the scale, and now I can hardly sleep from excitement to jump on the scale every morning.