Turn Key Weight Loss Program

Encore provides Turn Key weight loss and healthy lifestyle programs for physicians, specialists, and companies introduced in introducing credible and successful programs to patients and employees. 

Each Encore program is tailored to fit a unique person’s needs, supported by synchronized technology and Board-certified professionals. The benefits include a healthier patient base and work force, reduced healthcare costs and a positive, healthy environment. 

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Fact: Listing 3 things that you’re grateful for each day can improve your attitude and level of happiness over a 30-day period.

Encore Member Benefits

When you purchase an Encore program, you automatically receive:

  • Live Video Coaching Sessions
  • Wellness & Weight Loss Tracking Apps
  • Health & Wellness Resources

I am with the Encore Wellness & Weight Loss Program! I’ve lost nearly 30 pounds, and, more importantly, I feel and look great! Committing to the Encore program was the best decision I’ve made for my health, appearance, confidence, and even spiritual well-being. 

Mr. G.B.