Encore's Health and Wellness Resources

Encore’s suite of programs address the health and wellness needs of individuals and employees looking to improve their lives.  Let’s talk about the two chronic conditions at the workplace that no one wants to talk about: Obesity and Depression.


At Encore, we recognize the mind/gut connection and the importance of weight management in addressing several health concerns. Overweight and obese individuals are at risk for a variety of diseases and chronic health conditions, including hypertension, Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, stroke and some cancers. Obesity costs employers $73 billion annually, eating into a company’s bottom line.  Our range of medically supervised services include personalized live coaching, meal planning and tools like journaling support weight management.  Our point of view is that by losing 10% of your body weight, you dramatically improve your health and outlook.


Depression at the workplace is a big problem.  Depression costs employers an estimated $44 billion each year in lost productivity. About half of employees with depression are untreated. Yet with proper treatment, people with depression can get better. The key is to help employees access effective care.  Remind employees of the availability of resources for staying mentally and physically healthy and productive. Inform employees often on how to access mental health information and care confidentially and quickly. Push these messages out during times of high stress, during the holiday season and especially when there is activity that employees may view as disruptive in the workplace and broader community.

When depression is effectively addressed in the workplace, it promises to lower total medical costs, increase productivity, lower absenteeism and decrease disability costs. The bottom line: investing in a mentally healthy workforce is good for business.  Encore’s partnership with SkyTherapist provides a confidential resource for employees needing counseling through behavioral telemedicine, in the privacy of their own home or private work space.  Encore also partners with INSIGHT EAP for online services and EAP specific counseling. All virtual services are HIPAA compliant.

Fact: Obesity is a national health crisis that can be solved.

Encore Member Benefits

When you purchase an Encore program, you automatically receive:

  • Live Video Coaching Sessions
  • Wellness & Weight Loss Tracking Apps
  • Health & Wellness Resources

I learned that I had to not only change my diet but my way of thinking. For the first time in a long time, I am very happy and confident to see myself in the mirror. I no longer run and hide from the camera, and the best part of all is being able to fit into all my old jeans and seeing everyone’s reactions to my weight loss! Now you couldn't pay me to eat junk food. If I can do it, anybody can!