About Encore

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Encore is a medically-managed program with a primary focus on weight management and mental health.

Encore has clinical sites in Southern California and can serve members nationwide via Telehealth and remote coaching.

Based upon the member's current health status and desired weight loss, we offer customized programs and help them understand the relationship with food by replacing bad habits with new rituals. We help members identify the emotional factors that influence weight gain so they can experience lasting results.

In the clinical office setting, Encore's Board Certified healthcare providers prescribe healthy meal plans, FDA approved pharmaceuticals, and other potential treatments and behavior techniques to help members achieve their goals.

Patients enrolled in the 4-week Peak Performance program can expect an average weight loss of 20 pounds.

Encore works with employers to design wellness programs and deliver workforce solutions to address stress management and burnout.

Encore creates a healthier workplace.

Fact: Journaling can improve your weight loss results.

Encore Member Benefits

When you purchase an Encore program, you automatically receive:

  • Live Video Coaching Sessions
  • Wellness & Weight Loss Tracking Apps
  • Health & Wellness Resources

WOW IT REALLY WORKS!!! First I must say that I’ve tried every diet known to man, but the meal plan designed for me by Encore is by far the BEST! It seemed to target all the places I wanted to lose…my stomach, thighs and hips. I used to be terrified to get on the scale, and now I can hardly sleep from excitement to jump on the scale every morning.