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Whether You Need to Lose Weight or Just Want to Maintain a Healthy Weight, Encore Wellness & Weight Loss Programs Will Give You Tools to Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes.
Encore Wellness & Weight Loss provides you with a healthcare team that includes board-certified physicians who partner with you to customize a nutritional program based on your current health and your wellness goals.

We guide you through a process to identify and acknowledge prior obstacles that may have prevented you from reaching your goals in the past. Then we customize a program to meet your specific needs, work along with you to set attainable goals, and provide tools, best practices and supplements to help keep you on track.

Nutritional Counseling
A program designed to improve your eating habits and overall health. A Certified Dietician will review your current dietary preferences and make healthy recommendations. You receive tools for making better food choices, including meal plans and coaching.
Fit & Balanced Weight Loss Program
A gradual approach to weight loss for those who prefer moderate weight loss. An alternative program that can be designed without supplements, where you receive all the support and guidance needed to achieve your weight loss goal. To receive the Existing Encore Member discount, click here.
Peak Performance Weight Loss Program
Rapid weight loss is achieved through the use of supplements, Lipotropic injection therapy, appetite suppressants and a low-calorie diet. Encore physicians play a key role in managing patient care. A customized treatment plan is developed for each patient, based on their weight loss goal and overall health status. To receive the Existing Encore Member discount, click here.
Maintain for Life Weight Stabilization Program
Whether you’ve lost weight with Encore or through another program or on your own, it’s difficult to maintain weight loss without the right tools and mindset. This program includes a physical exam and provides customized coaching and meal planning services.
Program In Medical Office Online
Nutrition $89 $89
Fit & Balanced $325 $275
Peak Performance $495* n/a
Maintain for Life $50 $50
*This program includes medication that can only be administered in a medical office.
Encore Wellness & Weight Loss serves patients throughout the United States via:
Anywhere in the US - through a Referring Physician
  Los Angeles, CA - through our Cedars-Sinai Medical Office
  Inglewood, CA - through our Inglewood Medical Office
Please note: Medications for Peak Performance Members away from Encore's medical offices are only available by engaging their physician to work with the program.
During the program, you’ll learn ways to select the right foods and manage portion control. A cornerstone of the Encore program is establishing new dietary and exercise rituals for healthy lifestyle changes. We educate patients so they can manage their weight independently.
Encore Wellness & Weight Loss board-certified physicians use all the latest techniques to prescribe an appropriate treatment plan and healthy living program for each patient. Encore physicians collaborate with the following professionals to coordinate patient care and facilitate access to traditional and alternative medical services and treatment:
  Certified Physical Trainers
  Massage Therapists
  Homeopathic Pharmacists
All Encore Wellness & Weight Loss Personal Plan programs are offered in 4-week intervals and include:
Guidelines to help you develop daily rituals to change your life habits and to promote permanent weight loss
  Healthful meal plans
  Tips to redefine your relationship with food
  Nutrition coaching to help with meal planning to fit your lifestyle
  Exercise tips and physical activity guidelines
Encore also offers the following products and services to support you along the way…
When you're traveling or simply unable to come into our medical office, we offer packaged treatment plans, travel tips and accessories to help you maintain your progress on the program.
Dietary supplements, such as high-protein bars and shakes, will help curb your hunger.