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At Encore Consultants, we believe that improved health is related to increased productivity and reduced costs.
Encore Consultants advises and serves organizations, institutions and healthcare markets who want to increase access to remote customers. We deliver the technology that bring advanced solutions to operations and help professionals deliver services to a broader audience.
We help customized and deliver applications that include:
Video Conferencing
  Live Coaching
  Remote Learning Platforms
  Remote Patient Monitoring of all Vital Markers – weight, blood pressure, heart functioning, diabetes
  Improved Access, Health, Happiness and Performance
Encore Consultants can combine technology with weight loss to make the process of losing weight more manageable and sustainable. We focus on weight loss as a key determinant of improved health. Through remote monitoring, patients can stay connected to their physician and know their health status through the personalized portals we provide.
Telehealth platforms designed to help physicians offer remote patient monitoring, weight loss solutions and video conferencing to improve efficiencies in their practice.
System includes a turn-key weight loss program to expand the services offered to patients
  Reduce co-morbidities within your practice
  We also offer cost containment strategies; risk management solutions, contracting for care, utilization management tools