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Encore Wellness & Weight Loss gives corporate clients tools
to create a healthier workforce.
Encore Wellness & Weight Loss will design and deliver a customized wellness program for your company so you can improve employee health, productivity and morale-and take control of rising health care costs.
Worksite Assessment & Wellness Program includes:
Analysis of your Workforce Demographics
  Claims and Utilization Review of your Medical and Workers’ Comp Plans
  Risk Assessment & Program Recommendations
  Staffed on-site Workshops-Lunch & Learn Sessions
  Event Promotion Flyers
  Health Promotion Literature for Employees
  On-going Program Management and Tracking of Results
On-Site Workshops Custom-designed for your workforce-Topics Include:
NUTRITION: Developing a Meal Plan, Healthy Eating for Energy, Eating on-the-go, The Psychology of Overeating
  WEIGHT LOSS COACHING: Healthy Cooking Demonstrations
  FITNESS ESSENTIALS: Classes, Webinars, Literature
  STRESS MANAGEMENT: Massage Chair Therapy
  INJURY PREVENTION / DISABILITY MANAGEMENT: Repetitive Motion or other Topics Tailored to Reflect Needs of the Workplace
Consider Encore Wellness & Weight Loss as a vendor for your Health Fair!
Control Costs * Promote a Culture of Health * Increase Awareness of Employee Health Risks and Behaviors