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Encore Wellness & Weight Loss is your committed healthcare partner to help you achieve total wellness.
Encore Wellness & Weight Loss is a medically-supervised program designed to address a variety of health concerns. We believe in the power of establishing healthy rituals to improve overall nutrition and increase physical activity levels. Our goal is to give you the tools to maintain a practical health regimen for a lifetime.
Whether you want to lose weight to improve a medical condition or to improve the overall quality of your life, you’ll find an Encore program that fits your needs.
Encore’s management team has over 35 years of experience delivering quality healthcare and support services. We’ve successfully worked with professionals, entertainers, athletes, business executives, and students to support them in achieving their wellness and weight loss goals.
We team with healthcare professionals to deliver customized workshops and seminars in:
  Weight Loss
  Fitness Essentials
  Stress Management
  Injury Prevention at the Workplace